Budget Cuts That May Affect Senior Care and Services

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 29 November 2012

The fiscal cliff has been the political buzz word of late, as concerns about the burgeoning budget deficit continue to intensify. This week, the National Council on Aging released details about a federal decision that could prompt “drastic, automatic, across-the-board spending cuts” which would most certainly have a tremendous impact on seniors.

According to the article, if Congress and the Obama Administration “do not come up with a serious, bipartisan plan by the end of the year, the nation will face drastic, automatic, across-the-board spending cuts starting Jan. 2.”

It’s called a sequester, and it’s a fiscal cliff that we should all worry about. LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program), Meals on Wheels and other senior nutrition programs sponsored by the Older Americans Act, and the Senior Community Service Employment Program are among those on the chopping block.

The time to act is now. Even if your loved ones do not currently utilize or rely on these programs, there may come a time in the future when help is needed.

To see the impact of these potential cuts in your state, click here.

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  1. Sarah says,

    Our younger population needs to become more educated on the aspects and policies that affect seniors. Policies and programs like the ones you mentioned help today’s seniors greatly. (For example, there have been too many occasions I have heard of that seniors go without food because their medication cost is so drastically high. Assistance programs could help them survive and feed themselves.) The younger population needs to at least familiarize themselves with the issues affecting our seniors, decide where they stand on them, and then take some sort of action. Even if no one in your family or that you know takes advantage of these programs, something needs to be done. We are all going to be seniors one day, so these problems could eventually affect us too.


    on 03 December 2012 / 6:46 AM

  2. Sarah, I agree completely! Too often many of us think that because they have Medicare or Social Security, our country’s seniors have all they need. You’re right though — many go without food in the place of medication. I am with you: younger people should at least become more familiar with these programs, policies and issues, regardless of a current direct impact. Thanks so much for reading the post and sharing your thoughtful comments!


    on 03 December 2012 / 11:59 AM


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