Senior Housing Trend Watch: Meet the “Granny Pod”

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 27 November 2012

MedCottages are making headlines again. Also known as the granny pod, the idea for this emerging senior housing option came from a Virginia pastor.

According to this Washington Post article that proposes granny pods “could change elder care,” Rev. Kenneth J. Dupin created his own company, N2Care, to design the MedCottage. Dupin’s company partnered with the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center to construct a cottage with “universal design principles” that would “accommodate people of all ages and people with disabilities.”

If you want to put the MedCottage in a senior housing category, the appropriate term, per the article, is “auxiliary dwelling units” or ADUs. In that regard, it’s a stand-alone option, a way to keep families together — for the benefit of caregiving and relationships — that also affords privacy and independence for the senior.

In the Post piece, a family in Fairfax, Virginia, is trying the MedCottage on for size. (Speaking of size, the one that Viola currently calls home is 12 by 24 feet.) Viola’s family members are able to  remind her to take her medicine, check in on her, and invite her for dinner at their house from time to time. This arrangement works much better than what the family had already tried: having Viola live in their home with them (and a temporary stay in assisted living which didn’t go well).

The MedCottage is an interesting concept. Read the full article here to learn more.

Your turn: Would you consider an ADU for yourself or a family member who needed care?



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