How to Look For Senior Living Options

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 27 November 2012

Many of you are still thinking about Thanksgiving…and it has nothing to do with the food or the amazing Black Friday deals you snagged. Yesterday’s post, What To Do With Post-Holiday Concerns About Older Relatives, provided tips on what comes next when you just can’t shake those thoughts of Mom wandering away from the stove while the burner was still lit, or the image of Dad losing his balance every time he rose from the table. Today, we’ll offer advice on how to look for senior living options.

There are numerous types of senior care and housing available today, but most settings and services fall into the following categories: independent living (retirement communities or senior apartments), assisted living, skilled care (nursing homes or home health services), or non-medical home care. Another great option for families and caregivers to consider is adult day care, though housing is not associated with these services.

When you’ve decided what category is most appropriate, you can search for options online. (If you are uncertain about what each type of care setting offers, read this post.) Entering “assisted living in Alabama” into Google is not the best approach, as you’re likely to get more results than you could truly sift through, many of which may not even be legitimate. Instead, choose a trusted senior living search site. Ask for recommendations on sites from friends, colleagues, or family members who have searched for care, or start right here at SeniorsforLiving.com.



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