What To Do With Post-Holiday Concerns About Older Relatives

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 26 November 2012

After visiting your family for the holidays, you noticed a change in your parents. Your grandfather. Your sister-in-law. Whomever your concerns are related to, you join the ranks of countless other individuals who are getting back to the daily grind today and wondering what to do with their concerns, wondering how soon they should travel again to help make a decision about care.

Consider these next steps:

  1. Take notes. Jot down all the things you’re thinking (worrying) about related to what you witnessed during the Thanksgiving break.
  2. Talk to your family members. Ask the relatives who spend more time with the person you’re concerned about if they’ve noticed these issues. Sometimes those who are closest to a situation may not always see the same things, which can be informative on both sides.
  3. Check in regularly with your loved one via phone, Skype or email. Be honest and open about your concerns rather than hiding it from your relative.
  4. Explore all options. Home care may be a good first step; a transition to assisted living is not always necessary at the first sign of decline. The assistance provided by a home care agency does not have to be medical but can simply be help with housework or meal preparation. Know what’s available before suggesting a certain kind of care.


Your turn: Are you worried about a family member after a holiday visit? How can we help direct you to the resources you need?


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