Cyber Monday Scam Watch: Tips for Safe Shopping

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 26 November 2012

It’s a big day for online shopping, which means anyone who is searching for deals should also beware of scam artists seeking vulnerable consumers.

Whether you’re making a purchase, window-shopping, or asking the grandkids what they want for Christmas doesn’t matter. Whenever you are online, you should exercise the utmost caution and protect your identity — and computer — from harm.

This PR Newswire article offers tips from AARP’s Sid Kirchheimer, a consumer expert; it also warns consumers about “cybersquatters,” which are “bogus businesses that steal or alter the Internet addresses of well-known companies to launch copycat sites.” On the biggest online shopping day of the year, these businesses are certainly out in full force, but it’s a tactic employed year-round. Always double-check the web addresses you enter for stray characters or punctuation that seems off or fishy.

Some scammers are seeking credit card information, others will promise to send you an item, but it will either never be delivered or will be a “poorly made knockoff.”

Other tips from Kirchheimer’s article include the following:

  • Do your homework; research prices on comparable items from well-known and trusted retailers.
  • Look for a physical business address or phone number on the website of the retailer.


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