The Perfect Gift for Caregivers and Seniors

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 15 November 2012

You can’t buy it, sell it or wrap it, but you can certainly give it: your time. Time is something that lots of people want but either fail to give or receive, probably because it’s not entirely tangible. We’re so busy buying gifts that only offer a fleeting joy that we fail to realize what our loved ones truly desire — need — is just our time, our presence. (And this goes for all year round, not just during the holiday season.)

This also applies to caregivers AND seniors. Home care aides visiting seniors in the community. Family caregivers at home. Activity directors in assisted living. Grandparents and grandchildren. Plan to spend an afternoon together: enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant, go to a movie, hit your favorite stores at the mall, tinker in the workshop at Dad’s assisted living community. Offer to visit with your grandmother so your mother, her primary caregiver, can take a break. Give your home care worker the afternoon off and a gift certificate to a local spa or salon. The possibilities are not limited to what’s on the shelves.

A word of caution: if you decide to offer your time to someone, you must follow through. You cannot just say “I’m giving you the gift of my time;” in this case, it’s not the thought that counts but the action. This season, make time to give time to the caregivers and seniors you love!


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  1. Exactly so. Most of us already have too much stuff anyway, why give more when you can give something as precious as your time.


    on 15 November 2012 / 7:45 PM

  2. Excellent point, Marie. It’s true — most of us have way too much stuff. I love that way of looking at it, like you said…”Why give more when you can give something so precious.” So true! Thanks for reading the post and stopping by the blog!


    on 15 November 2012 / 10:03 PM

  3. Lucy says,

    A few years ago, my sisters and I did away with giving gifts for Christmas, and we now go away for a two or three nights with our mom–best decision ever. We remember each getaway, but I rarely remember a gift years later.


    on 16 November 2012 / 8:11 PM

  4. What a fantastic idea, Lucy! I bet you have wonderful memories of each getaway, memories that stand out more than a gift. Makes sense to me! Thanks for reading the post and sharing your thoughts.


    on 19 November 2012 / 1:16 PM


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