Getting Seniors in Assisted Living Out to Vote

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 05 November 2012

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will cast their vote for president, along with a number of other federal, state and local candidates.

Many of us do not even think twice about where, when and how we will vote, but if you are a caregiver for a senior — or your loved one resides in assisted living — providing assistance and a means of transportation is an important task.

To that end, this AARP blog post How to Make Sure That You Get to Vote offers helpful tips for voters of all ages, including a guide to bringing the proper ID (as many states have recently changed the rules on what identification documents are required), how to find your local polling place, who will be on the ballot (besides the president and vice president), even information specific to those living in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

In our post How Do Seniors in Assisted Living Vote?, we covered what providers should offer in advance of election day, such as making sure the local polling place is wheelchair-accessible or providing absentee ballots. Many communities do provide transportation for residents who want to vote; staff may also be assigned to accompany residents in need of assistance.

Most polling places open as early as 7am and stay open until 8pm. If you foresee any issues with getting your senior loved one out to vote, start planning now — and reference the above posts for resources and help.



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