Preparing for Senior Care Conversations During the Holidays: Part 1

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 25 October 2012

Go to any major department store and you’ll know the holidays are coming, quickly. If you’re also among the thousands of sandwich generation adults — caring for children and aging parents — your stress level is already elevated, and the holiday rush will only intensify it.

Adding to it, senior depression spikes around the holidays, making your job as primary caregiver even more difficult.

Perhaps it’s time to explore assisted living for your senior relative. Your father is lonely. Your mother-in-law’s health is failing and it’s no longer safe for her to live alone. Your uncle needs help but doesn’t want to be a burden by moving in with you. Maybe you feel that dividing your attention between your children and your parents is becoming more and more difficult, or you’re burned out and need a break.

If out-of-town family members are coming home for the holidays, it’s an ideal time to get everyone together and talk about options, maybe even schedule some visits to assisted living homes in the area. Some senior living communities offer short-term stays, perfect in cases where the caregiver needs a break, or to test the waters before committing to a complete transition into assisted living care.

Plan ahead, instead of waiting for the inevitable crisis point. Besides, the holidays are stressful enough already.

Check out tomorrow’s post for tips on getting the conversation started.



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