Visiting in Alzheimer’s Care? Bring Your iPad

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 24 October 2012

Better yet, buy an iPad or tablet for your friend or relative, because according to this blog post from A Place for Mom, there are 9 good reasons to do so.

Visiting someone in an Alzheimer’s care community can be an emotionally painful, uncomfortable experience that many friends and family would often rather avoid. Sometimes it’s because they fear seeing their loved one in such a place — and the guilt that comes with it — or they’d rather not face the memory loss that prevents them from communicating as they would have before the disease, the loss that seems to erase recognition of familiar faces. (Read more here: Visiting in Alzheimer’s Care When Recognition is Gone.)

However, it is still absolutely essential to visit, and the above-mentioned blog post suggests an iPad as a beneficial tool for Alzheimer’s care residents. Smaller and more portable than a computer, and easier to use thanks to the touch-screen technology, the iPad has been “proven to help with cognitive skills, mobility and communication” for those with Alzheimer’s, according to the post. Other benefits include: access to music, which triggers memories, monitoring capabilities (medication reminders, for example), and games/apps that foster socialization between residents.

Your turn: Have you purchased an iPad for someone in your family who has Alzheimer’s? Have you seen the benefits?



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