What Consumers Want: The Retirement Community of the Future

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 23 October 2012

Independence. That’s what the consumer of the future — and the present — truly wants. If a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) doesn’t provide residents with the tools and opportunities necessary to maintain their independence, they would rather stay home.

This recent post on SeniorHousingNews.com references a white paper published by Life Care Services, indicating that senior living preferences won’t change dramatically in the next decade or two. However, the motivation for moving to a CCRC or similar setting is key. That’s where independence comes in.

What they want, per the white paper, is a “destination that makes it easier to continue a cherished lifestyle,” a place that promotes “a life lived outside the community walls.”

Given these demands, providers should consider several innovative approaches to attract younger seniors who may be on the fence about moving to a community setting, or may have financial concerns keeping them in their home despite their desire for peer-to-peer interaction or easy access to care and services as needed. One suggestion made by the white paper is to “offer services to those still living at home,” such as home healthcare, home maintenance and renovation assistance, or access to the CCRC’s amenities, like the fitness center or dining venues.

Read our post on “CCRCs without walls” to learn more about this concept.



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