Indiana Woman Writes Book on Vision Loss, Thrives in Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 19 October 2012

Margaret, age 89, is on “a journey out of darkness,” per a recent Caring.com post. This inspiring woman proves that staying active in assisted living is more than possible, it’s desirable. At her Indiana community, she’s involved in chair Zumba, a monthly friendship club, a sight-loss support group (she has macular degeneration and glaucoma), sing-alongs, outreach events for local non-profits and more.

She also recently finished writing a book, currently en route to a publisher, with 100 tips for living with vision loss.

For anyone who is concerned about a sedentary life in assisted living should only look to Margaret’s example and realize that it doesn’t have to be that way. A transition to senior living is a major change, yes, but it can be an incredibly positive one too.

Most communities offer a wide range of social events, activities, and programs; many of these are led, or at least initiated by, residents. If there is a program you’d like to participate in that’s not currently offered, most communities welcome resident involvement for getting it started. (Read How to Be Busier in Senior Living Than Before Retirement for examples of resident involvement.)

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