What Kind of Care Do You Want?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 08 October 2012

Today’s earlier post spoke to the complex tasks that many families are tackling themselves to avoid care in assisted living or nursing homes (read it here). From administering medications to operating oxygen tanks to providing incontinence care, families are taking an at home, DIY-approach to senior care.

Whether this was the plan all along or something the family decided in the midst of a caregiving crisis, the reality is that many families do not talk about their options — both for older family members and for themselves — soon enough. As a result, decisions must often be made quickly and without consideration of the costs, fiscal and otherwise.

Perhaps the thought of a nursing home frightens you. Maybe assisted living seems like a place that’s just for seniors who don’t have any family members to care for them. It could be that you have always wanted to care for your parents when they needed help because of all they have done for you. There are so many reasons that people opt for staying home and providing care there, so many reasons that most would say they prefer the same for themselves when and if the time comes.

However, it is nearly impossible to know what the future holds, or to know how your opinions may change over time. Regardless, planning ahead or at least thinking about the possibilities is worth the time and effort. Start here with our Elder Care Planning Resource Guide.



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