From the Retirement Community to the Art Museum

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 20 September 2012

Residents at a retirement community in Massachusetts visited an art museum this week.

Lifelong learning programs like North Hill’s True North Courses & Events are becoming more popular at independent and assisted living communities across the country; there are also a growing number of programs devoted to people with Alzheimer’s, ensuring they too have the opportunity to view, appreciate and enjoy art and culture.

As part of their lifelong learning offerings, a group from North Hill headed to the Danforth Museum of Art on Tuesday to experience an exhibit and presentation on expressionist artists in Boston. In New York City, the local Alzheimer’s Association chapter collaborates with local museums (including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA) as part of the Greet Art and Connect2Culture programs focused particularly on persons with dementia. (Learn more about it here.)

No matter where you live, there are historic, cultural, and educational opportunities to be explored. Senior living providers must take advantage of these opportunities and provide a means for their residents to engage accordingly. While transportation or cost may be an issue for some communities, many museums, historical societies and colleges are often more than willing to come to the assisted living and give a lecture, workshop or presentation there.

Another option: The Great Courses. Check out our post Activities to Stimulate the Mind in Assisted Living to learn more.



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