Texas Community for Seniors Embraces “Neighborhood” Design

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 17 September 2012

Long hallways with doors lining both sides. Most people, unless raised in or lifelong residents of an urban apartment building, do not think of such an institutional design when they think of home.

The planners behind a new senior living community in Texas took this into consideration. Operated by Touchstone Communities, the 55,000-square-foot Laredo Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has a “neighborhood” look and feel, according to this McKnight’s Long-Term Care News article by Mary Gustafson.

In order to achieve this cozy ambiance and atmosphere, there is recessed lighting and high ceilings in the corridors and hallways. Colors are “bright and vibrant,” per the article.

When it comes to the design model followed, the article cites the words of Bob Kerr, the community’s administrator: A true neighborhood model has a living room area and a dining room area in each neighborhood. Instead, we have a neighborhood, with a dining facility at the end of each wing.”

Intentionally home-like design is important not only for seniors who reside in these communities, but also for those who visit and work there. Moving away from a strictly medical model of care to a more holistic approach that improves the overall quality of life is best for all involved. Wouldn’t you agree?



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