Next #ElderCareChat to Focus on Senior Care Myths

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 17 September 2012

On the first and third Wednesday of every month, about 60+ participants gather on Twitter for a common purpose: to engage in a real-time conversation about hot topics in elder care.

Currently in its second year (the forum was founded in November 2010), #ElderCareChat has grown into a supportive community of individuals who are committed to sharing resources, educating the community at large, and sparking one another to action around quality care for seniors and their caregivers.

This Wednesday, the topic is “Elder Care Myths, Dispelled.” Questions will focus on things that are commonly misunderstood about senior care. In the hour-long discussion, we hope to break down these misconceptions and work towards a better understanding of what caregivers need, an increased awareness of how we speak about and present care options like assisted living, and in general, improve opportunities for education about caregiving issues in our workplaces, families, and communities.

As the elder care industry continues to grow and change, there will be an increased and ongoing need for such efforts. We invite you to join the conversation on Twitter. For more information on the chats and how to participate, check out our recap posts, follow us (@Seniors4Living and via the hashtag #ElderCareChat), and join our LinkedIn group to engage with others who care about these important issues.



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