At Home or In Senior Living, West Nile Virus Poses Risk to Seniors

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 12 September 2012

Though cooler temperatures have settled into some parts of the country, mosquitoes are still breeding and biting. According to CDC reports, there are currently 1,993 cases of West Nile Virus and 87 deaths resulting from it, making it the worst outbreak since 1999. A new blog post from eCaring.com offers insights on the dangerous virus, emphasizing that seniors are at greater risk, and providing suggestions for protection along with common symptoms.

Just because a senior resides in assisted living or stays inside most of the day doesn’t make him exempt from the dangers. At home or in senior living, mosquitoes can get in via open doors and windows quickly and easily.

Protection is the best means of prevention. Here are a few of the tips from the eCaring post (read the full list here):

  1. Get rid of standing water.
  2. Use an insect repellent spray with DEET.
  3. Cover your skin: wear pants, socks, and long-sleeved shirts if you plan to spend time outside.
  4. Check screens on doors and windows in your home (or in assisted living) for holes, tears and rips.



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