Activities to Stimulate the Mind in Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 12 September 2012

Bingo can certainly be a fun way to spend an hour. Social activities like afternoon tea and holiday parties are important; fitness classes are a vital part of a healthy, well-rounded life.

Yet residents in assisted living need more. Opportunities to exercise the mind and stimulate the brain are equally essential.

Activities directors have a difficult job, striving to create sufficient opportunities for engagement and enrichment to suit a wide range of interests and abilities. Visiting family members and friends often feel at a loss for things to do while there. When mobility or health issues limit traveling off campus (and sometimes, residents are limited to their apartments if they live within a larger care community), bringing those who desire intellectual stimulation to audit classes or listen to lectures at local universities and colleges is just not possible.

The Great Courses are a wonderful option.

In production for over 20 years, these are “college-level courses taught by the most engaging professors that universities like Oxford, Stanford, Princeton, and Georgetown have to offer,” per the site. Choose from a catalog of over 390 courses in science, literature, history, philosophy, business, religion, mathematics, fine arts, music, and better living. Courses can be purchased for listening in CD or for viewing on DVD; several may also be streamed online for free.

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