Aegis Living CEO Wants Young People to Work in Senior Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 03 September 2012

Last week, Dwayne J. Clark touted the merits of a job in the senior living industry in his Huffington Post Business blog post: “The Senior Living Industry in Looking for a Few Good Young People.”

Clark, the founder and CEO of West Coast-based Aegis Living, is also the author of a book about his journey as a caregiving son (his mother has Alzheimer’s).

In the Huff Post piece, he presents three “entry-level opportunities” for current high school and college students or graduates to consider, three ways to get their foot in the door of a $40 billion industry: working in the kitchen/dining department, assisting in the activities department, or serving as a night-shift front desk staffer (receptionist or concierge). He also recommends interning or volunteering in various departments like accounting, marketing, or human resources.

A career in senior living is not for everyone, Clark affirms, but for some young workers, the experience in the field may prove to be a valuable stepping stone or launch pad to other career paths.

Besides “strong wages…and consistently high levels of job satisfaction,” a job in assisted living is mutually beneficial to the young person and the seniors with whom they will interact, says Clark. Residents relish the presence and energy of the young workers, and in turn, the teens and twenty-somethings enjoy interacting with and hearing stories from their elders.

Speaking of work, the team at SeniorsforLiving.com wishes you a Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the holiday, wherever you may be.




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