Can I Receive Care in Independent Living?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 29 August 2012

The simple answer is yes. Even if you choose the independence and freedom of an independent living setting (apartments, condos, cottages, etc.), there may still come a time when you’ll need specialized care or assistance, perhaps after an extended illness, a fall or fracture, a dementia diagnosis.

Most independent living complexes have a policy that allows residents to bring in private duty home care, therapists, or other ancillary services as needed. Some communities (especially continuing care settings) may have a contract with care agencies and providers; if so, they may recommend, or sometimes require, that residents utilize these particular services.

Planning for future care needs is nearly impossible. What you can do, however, is develop a knowledge of your options and have a few backup plans in place should the need arise.

Think of it this way: your independent living apartment becomes your home. You have the choice, then, to bring in home care as desired. Choice does imply responsibility though: if the community does not have an affiliated or recommended agency on record, you will have to do the work of finding a provider.

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