The Signs of a Quality Assisted Living Community

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 21 August 2012

Curb appeal, updated appliances. Safe, modern electrical work and plumbing. Proximity to the grocery store; a well-respected school district. Buyers are looking at these and many other things when evaluating a new home. What to look for when considering assisted living? The list is quite different, and as you get into personal tastes, the variations are even greater.

Preferences about carpet versus hardwood aside, consider these foundational signs of a quality assisted living community (which should be the top priorities for selection):

  1. Compassionate care: how is care provided (and charged)? what happens when your loved one needs more care than the community can provide? does the community encourage independence, offering assistance when needed rather than doing everything for the residents?
  2. Caring staff: how were you greeted when you took a tour of the community? what kind of training do they receive? do they seem satisfied with their jobs overall? is there adequate coverage in all departments (dining, personal care, activities)? how high is the turnover rate? Read more about how the staff is a key element of a quality community here.
  3. A friendly atmosphere: are the residents welcoming of new people? is there a good rapport between staff, residents, volunteers, family members, and other visitors?
  4. A clean and comfortable environment: it doesn’t have to look like a magazine photo, but is the community well-maintained and cozy?
  5. Honesty in policy: did the community tell you about “hidden costs” and were they open about their admission policies and procedures?



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