Unique Senior Fitness Program Receives Recognition from ALFA

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 16 August 2012

How many miles would you have to bike to get from Crete to Athens, Greece?

That’s one of several distances that residents at four Elmcroft Senior Living communities are biking (on a NuStep bike machine in their community’s fitness center); at the end of the month’s “journey,” they’ll celebrate with a theme party centered around their chosen destination.

Not only that, the participants watch videos and surround themselves with maps and posters specific to that location, to “spur them on,” says the Assisted Living Federation of America blog post that tells all about this “best program to watch.”

It’s called Vitality Club Cyclers, and though it’s still just a pilot program, the creative concept for improving health and integrating learning (and fun) while doing so is bound to stick. The director of programs and staff development for Elmcroft reports in the ALFA article that the initiative will be expanded to all 41 of their senior living communities, and some residents are even forming teams.

Across the country, senior living communities of all sizes are starting, or continuing, wonderful, life-enhancing programs in which their residents (and sometimes staff, family and friends too) can participate. Each year, ALFA chooses a “Best of the Best Program to Watch;” the Elmcroft cycling program received the honor this year. This November, a call for nominations for the 2013 award recipients will begin. If your community (or the community your loved one calls home) is doing something innovative and noteworthy, let ALFA know (click here to find information and guidelines for nominating a community/program).



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