State Supports Renovations at Connecticut Senior Housing Community

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 15 August 2012

Shetucket Village senior apartments in Sprague, Connecticut, needed serious help.

Almost three years ago, the apartments were full of exposed wires, leaks, and faulty fire alarm systems: not a suitable place for seniors to live, or for anyone to even enter, says this news article in the Norwich Bulletin.

Now, according to the article’s writer, Adam Benson, there is a waiting list to get in, thanks to the transformation that a $2 million dollar boost from the state Department of Economic and Community Development afforded.

Renovations include the installation of “new gas lines…more living space for residents…enhanced roofing,” and other major interior and exterior improvements. Prospective Shetucket Village residents will be grateful for the interior updates, and already, the residents of Sprague are thankful for the beautiful new exterior, which has helped make “the area look more appealing,” per contractor Jeff McClure.

Renovating, repurposing, and retrograding senior housing communities is a growing trend in the industry, and this project in Connecticut is no exception. Read about other unique senior housing communities who have recently received a “facelift” or new look here.

Your turn: Is there a building in your city or town that would make a perfect senior living “repurposing” project?



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