Planning for a Senior Living Move

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 15 August 2012

Making a decision about assisted living involves extensive research and planning, difficult financial considerations, and (sometimes) complicated family involvement. It is a major move that encompasses many charged emotions too, like facing the decline of a parent or relative you love, or the stirring up of past arguments and differences with siblings, or dealing with the pain of a terminal illness or devastating diagnosis.

That’s all before the move.

Prior to move-in day, there is packing and sorting, perhaps putting the house on the market (and subsequent showings), and a host of other things to do. By the time the day arrives, you’re exhausted and maybe even a little stressed out. You’re probably emotional too; your parent or the person who is moving probably feels the same way.

The emotions will come, and that is normal and natural. On the day of the move, staying organized, getting help from as many family members and friends as possible (and professionals too, if you choose that route), and making a list will be beneficial.

Also, check out this post, which includes a video from Emeritus Senior Living, for further tips on preparing for, and making, an assisted living move.



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