Find Strength, and Common Ground, in Senior Care Support Groups

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 10 August 2012

A caregiver needs support to survive and thrive through the ups and downs of caring for another person(s). Support groups offer more than just support though; finding common ground with others facing similar challenges is a real gift, and sometimes, this can be just as meaningful as getting specific advice or hearing words of encouragement.

Even if you have made the transition from being the caregiver in your own home (or in your loved one’s home) to having your caree in assisted living or an Alzheimer’s care community, plugging into a support group can be extremely beneficial. Many senior care communities host their own support groups, but if they don’t, staff members may be able to recommend other groups that meet in the surrounding community (i.e. in hospitals, churches, senior centers, and other community organizations).

You can also search for support groups that are virtually located, online-based forums that are not bound by time and space limitations. Consider caregiving.com’s listings, which are compiled by Denise Brown, the co-moderator of our bi-monthly Twitter forum, #ElderCareChat (the next meeting is this coming Wednesday, August 15th at 1pm ET). #ElderCareChat is also a great support group-like setting for caregiving-related questions and ideas (learn more about it here).



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