Atria Senior Living Honors WWII Veterans

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 08 August 2012

It’s not Veterans Day yet, and Memorial Day is behind us, but residents from Atria Senior Living communities across the country will observe a national day of remembrance this Sunday, August 12.

This article from the California-based online newspaper, The Sacramento Bee, gives details of the event, born out of a partnership between the senior living provider and an organization that has been previously featured on our blog, The Spirit of ’45. (Read about it here.)

Congress has deemed August 12th as the national day of remembrance so that the sacrifices and valor of World War II veterans and their families will always remain a vital part of our nation’s legacy. The staff, residents and families connected to Atria’s 125 locations are on board with the mission. A few will also attend an additional event in New York on August 14th, where a “mural depicting the ‘Times Square Kiss,’ the iconic photograph of a nurse and a sailor celebrating the end of World War II with a passionate embrace, will be displayed in Times Square,” per the news article.

What makes the mural unique? The image of the kiss itself is a mosaic, comprised of actual photos submitted by WWII-era couples; of the thousands of images, over 200 are of Atria assisted living residents.

Your turn: How do you honor those who served our country?



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