Making an Assisted Living Decision…In the Dining Room

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 27 July 2012

Considering a few assisted living communities in the area? Here’s one way to narrow down the options: have a meal there.

When you schedule a tour of the community, which you should always do before making your final decision, ask if you could have a meal as part of the visit. Some assisted living communities automatically suggest this, and many even offer meals or appetizers as part of an open house or “lunch & learn” event to get people through the doors. (Read Free Lunch Gets Seniors Closer to Senior Housing Decision for more on this trend.)

It’s not just about getting a free meal though. The standard of service, quality of food and meals, and the social atmosphere in the dining room can speak volumes about a community and whether your loved one will be happy there. Yes, the quality of health and personal care services is extremely important, as is the cleanliness and design of the community, but think about how each day is centered around food: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and likely snacks in between (perhaps part of an activity, like an ice cream social or happy hour with hors d’oeuvres).

Maybe your Dad would prefer to prepare meals or snacks in his apartment, but having a meal at an assisted living community on your list is a great way to take the social pulse of the community and decide if this is a place he can call home.

You can search for assisted living and other types of housing here on the site. And now, thanks to a new partnership with Xerox, you can connect directly with communities of interest to schedule your meal/tour (read more here).



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