The Fountain of Youth in Retirement Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 26 July 2012

The fountain of youth may not be an actual physical place, but countless studies and personal anecdotes point to this winning formula: staying active is the best way to stay young. (Stay tuned for a post on amazing centenarians who affirm this truth!)

Enter today’s active adult communities, a new category of retirement living that takes staying active seriously. These communities are a welcome breath of fresh air to the sterile, sedentary atmosphere that is sadly characteristic of many senior nursing facilities, better reflecting the desire of many boomers and seniors to “keep moving.”

Independence, choice and privacy are the founding principles in these senior communities; residents are encouraged to stay active in many ways, within the community itself or outside its walls (better yet, both).

The retirement living landscape has shifted to meet the demand of boomers and seniors who want multiple opportunities to pursue new interests, revisit past hobbies, socialize, learn, grow, and of course, relax. To that end, many new senior living communities look more like a high-end resort than an “old folks’ home.”

If you or someone you know is considering independent living in a dynamic — not static — retirement community, rest assured that these places exist. Search for retirement living geared towards active seniors here.



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