Support for the Next Generation of Senior Living Providers

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 23 July 2012

There’s no question that senior living and eldercare is a blossoming and dynamic field, one that is full of opportunities, challenges, and changes for many years to come. Not surprisingly then, a growing number of students are following a senior living career path, choosing an education that prepares them for an industry where demand is high.

But Elizabeth Ecker, in a piece for the Assisted Living Federation of America’s news blog, reports that an investment of time, money, and resources will be required of senior living providers who are leaders in this sector. According to Ecker’s article, The biggest potential influence on the ability to offer these programs, say administrators and educators, is the companies that ultimately hire their students.”

A few months ago, we covered the launch of a senior living management course (taught by providers) at Washington State University (read the post here); per the ALFA article, this course has been met with much success.

Support from business leaders isn’t all these students need. More universities and schools need to offer courses, degree programs, certifications, and other types of educational opportunities around long term care and working with seniors. Right now, George Mason University’s College of Health and Human Services is among the few that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in senior living, and has been doing so since 2002.

Your turn: How can we better educate and prepare the next generation of eldercare professionals?



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