Activities for Men in Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 23 July 2012

When it’s time to visit a friend or relative in assisted living, do you find yourself putting it off or getting anxious about what to do and say when you arrive?

Your emotions about visiting in the new setting may be partly to blame (guilt, grief, sadness, etc.), but sometimes, it’s just the uncertainty of knowing how to fill the time.

Because the activities in so many assisted living communities seem to be geared towards women (since there tends to be a higher percentage of female residents), you may be even more apprehensive about things to do when visiting men.

If he’s always been a sports guy, you’re in luck: besides watching the current season’s games together, a new website called the Sporting Memories Network: Wellbeing Through Reminiscence, offers a great source of conversation starters, trivia and history about motorsports, rugby, golf, football, cricket, track and field, and tennis. Bring your iPad or a laptop, or head to the community’s computer lab and pull up the site, sportingmemories.org, to browse through photos of memorable moments in sports history. You can also browse the memories shared by others who have visited the site (about tournaments, celebrities, journalists, sports stars, and writers) and add your own too.

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