New Affordable Senior Housing Complex in California Emphasizes Arts

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 06 July 2012

This news article from the Long Beach Business Journal proves that affordable senior housing is possible, and it doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

Introducing the Long Beach Senior Arts Colony: a 200-unit complex for seniors that offers easy access to public transportation, plenty of opportunities for intergenerational interaction, contemporary aesthetics, and an emphasis on the arts, wellness, and lifelong learning. It will feature a yoga center, dog park, art studios, a spa, community gardens, and a host of other amenities appealing to today’s city-savvy boomers and seniors.

This vibrant community is being “marketed primarily to the aging baby boomer population – trading in the traditional sheltered, gated community of years past for a place mixed in with the rest of the city that offers engaging programs,” according to the Journal piece.”

The new generation of senior housing, whether in California or Connecticut, whether it’s classified as affordable or luxurious, is about holistic wellness. Per Michael Bohn, the project’s designer, the Colony is “a place for seniors to continue to have healthy bodies and healthy minds.”

Wondering how the $26 million dollar project is being funded? The article says it’s a combination of private financing and public redevelopment affordable housing funds.

Talk back: What kind of retirement housing do you dream of? A vibrant urban setting like this one? A country club or resort?



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