Oregon Assisted Living Gets Perfect Score

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 22 June 2012

An article from PRWeb reported that an assisted living facility in Salem, Oregon, received a zero deficiency score from the state’s licensing department.

In Oregon, a licensing survey is completed every two years. Most states require that these survey results are posted in a public area within the assisted living facility. (Remember: each state has its own regulations for the licensing of assisted living. Read more about why regulations matter here.)

A zero deficiency score is quite rare (in Oregon, only 5 percent of assisted living homes achieve this rating). Typically, even well-run facilities tend to have issues, albeit minor ones, that need to be resolved for purposes of compliance.

Surveyors rate the quality of care and services based on a list of provisions from the state: for example, valid certifications and training requirements for staff members, foodservice safety standards, and compliance with building/fire codes.

When searching for assisted living, a good indicator of quality care is not necessarily a zero deficiency score (and a zero deficiency score should not be the only standard by which you measure if the facility is right for your loved one). If the assisted living received any deficiencies, the level of severity and how quickly and satisfactorily these issues are resolved is equally telling. In all states, this information should be readily available to consumers.

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