Starting a Senior Living Search, Long Distance

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 12 June 2012

What can your sister in Los Angeles do to help care for your Mom, who lives in rural Pennsylvania?

Don’t count her out. When the time comes for making a decision about senior care, she can certainly help. Thanks to the internet and thousands of home care agencies, assisted living communities, and other caregiver resources that are online, long-distance family members can easily participate in caregiving. They should also be in constant communication with you and the family member in need of support — aware of decisions that need to be made, lending their insight and input.

No, she cannot provide day-to-day hands-on support, but she can search for assisted living care or a local home care provider servicing Mom’s city and state of residence. She can call Mom via Skype or just by phone to check on her, or to ask about her preferences for care. She can check in with Mom’s doctors and health care team regarding the latest on her condition. With online prescription refill services, she can set up refills and reminders for the family member or friend tasked with picking up Mom’s prescriptions.

There are a number of possibilities for remote caregiving. If your family is scattered across the United States or even around the world, find ways to keep everyone involved.

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  1. Of course! I live in Costa Rica, about four hours away from our doctors, and I email them all the time about things. they are very helpful, and welcome this sort of communication! Of course, there is no malpractice issue here for the most part. Frivolous suits are not tolerated, and if you file and lose, you have to pay the defendants legal costs. This discourages a lot of B.S. lawsuits. And we have none of the stupid prescription laws here, other than for antibiotics and narcotics. AND a doctor’s visit gives us 40 minutes with the doctor or specialist, for $50 – $80. Personal attention! AND the doctors here make about the same income as those in the States! Go figure……


    on 25 June 2012 / 7:34 PM

  2. Interesting! Thanks for your comment.


    on 26 June 2012 / 8:28 AM


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