Facing a Senior Living Move? Help from Emeritus Senior Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 07 June 2012

Choosing a new place is tough enough, but when it comes to packing the boxes, hosting yard sales, and perhaps eventually staking a “FOR SALE” sign in the front yard, the reality of a senior living move truly sets in. It’s not an easy transition for most.

Maybe your parents lived in this house since they were young newlyweds. Maybe your mother grew up in that house, was born and raised there. If the home is not staying in the family and being sold, the change is even more difficult.

Ease the fears and anxiety your loved one may be experiencing prior to an assisted living move with these tips from Emeritus Senior Living:

As the video suggests, a move is a major life change. Be sensitive to this fact and be supportive; don’t push your parent or relative to “adjust” immediately. Give them time to assimilate to the new living arrangement and don’t worry if it takes a while for them to make friends or fully settle in.

Read our post, How to Stay Organized on a Senior Living Moving Day, for tips on avoiding the stress that accompanies most moves, no matter what the destination.


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