New Programs to Serve “Next Generation” at Brookdale Senior Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 05 June 2012

Things are changing in senior housing every day. Providers are preparing for the next generation of residents, public and private entities are seeking new funding options and revenue streams, state governments are revising regulations to better suit new care categories, and consumers are becoming more aware of, and educated about, their options.

Accordingly, major providers like Tennessee-based Brookdale Senior Living are rolling out initiatives aimed at improving their assisted living facilities and services, according to this National Real Estate Investor article.

In the article, Roger Thiele, Brookdale’s VP of marketing and product life management states that the improvements are not just cosmetic, although property renovations are certainly a major component.

“Program Max” will “renovate and reposition” several communities; the provider has budgeted $360 million dollars to do so. The other program, called the “Sweet Life,” is more focused on “services and settings” improvements: essentially, redesigning sections of communities to make them feel less institutional and more welcoming. Money apportioned to the “Sweet Life” initiative will help implement a “streetscape” reminiscent of an old-fashioned main street in several communities across the country.

Apartments and suites are also being updated; wireless access is being added to most campuses that don’t already have it.

Your turn: What improvements would you like to see in assisted living & senior housing?



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