#ElderCareChat to Cover Complex Senior Care Conversations

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 05 June 2012

As parents you may have dreaded having the “birds and bees” discussion with your children, but that probably seems a lot better than having to tell Dad that he needs to consider assisted living care for Mom because the strain of caregiving is destroying his health, or having to ask your sister what her end-of-life preferences are given her recent diagnosis of terminal illness.

When it comes to caregiving that involves friends or family members that we love, talking about what comes next is a complex conversation we would much rather avoid.

Family caregivers find themselves in an unenviable position when the need for senior care becomes evident, especially since issues related to caregiving are often grey and cloudy instead of black and white and clear.

This will be the focus of tomorrow’s #ElderCareChat, a live forum and real-time conversation that takes place on Twitter every first and third Wednesday of each month. Professionals, advocates, family caregivers and individuals passionate about elder care from all over the country (and sometimes other parts of the world) gather to share their experiences and lessons learned, to exchange resources, and to connect with others in similar situations.

Read more about #ElderCareChat here at the blog, and get the details about tomorrow’s discussion here.



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