Atria Senior Living Friends Making a Difference

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 31 May 2012

Volunteering does a body good. Good friends Harold Meininger and Eddie Welch, residents at an Atria Senior Living community in Florida, know this firsthand.

Welch is 74 and Meininger is 96; both are active volunteers within the assisted living community they call home, and Welch serves outside of it too, says this Tampa Bay Times news article detailing their story.

Eddie Welch reports to a local hospital twice a week where he is stationed at “Door B” and directs visitors to their loved ones.

Welch and Meininger volunteer as ambassadors at Atria Windsor Woods, where they reside (Meininger’s apartment is located directly above Welch’s, per the article). In this role, the two gentleman “greet new residents, help them find their way around, answer questions and offer friendship.”

Engaging in community service, internally and externally, has a positive impact on these senior friends and countless other senior living residents across the country. Why let a move to assisted living stop you from volunteering? Eddie and Harold prove there are opportunities right outside your door.

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Your turn: Do you volunteer? Does it help you feel better, both physically and mentally?


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