Summer Visiting Ideas for Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 30 May 2012

Visiting a relative or friend in assisted living does not have to consist of sitting in the apartment, chatting about the weather, making small talk, twiddling thumbs, or checking watches. Forgo these visits in favor of something a bit more meaningful and enjoyable for both parties. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a friendly chat in the comfort of Mom’s apartment, but if the sun is shining, why not take a leisurely stroll around the campus and admire what’s growing in residents’ gardens? Or sit on the patio or terrace with glasses of lemonade? Or head to the community cafe to share an ice cream sundae?

Other ideas for summer activities that visiting family and friends may consider:

  1. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy somewhere on the community grounds.
  2. Do something creative: paint a beach scene, sketch the gardens outside Dad’s window, read your favorite summertime poems, write postcards to grandkids, or make a floral arrangement with the season’s best and brightest.
  3. Cultivate an herb garden in the apartment window.
  4. If the grandchildren are along for the visit, sit outside in the grass or on the patio/terrace and do some old-fashioned cloud-watching, or catch fireflies at night.
  5. Reminisce about favorite summer vacation memories.
  6. Watch a travelogue film/travel show together.

Your turn: What ideas would you add?


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