#ElderCareChat 5/16/12 Recap: Caregiving in the Media

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 18 May 2012

Would you watch a “caregiving family swap” reality show? Do you think reporters get it right when they’re covering the challenges of being a caregiver? How about celebrities talking about caregiving: what makes their stories accessible?

These were just a few of the issues the 67 attendees debated in this week’s #ElderCareChat, led by co-moderator and co-founder Denise Brown of Caregiving.com (@caregiving). Setting the framework for our chat: the collection of stories about multigenerational caregiving currently airing on NPR (catch up on them here), a heartbreaking piece from The New York Times (read it here) about life with frontotemporal dementia, and these questions:

Q1: What do you like about the current coverage of caregiving in the media?
Q2: Why is it important to have stories about caregiving in the media?
Q3: What doesn’t the media understand about caregiving?
Q4: What stories would you like to see?
Q5: What are the opportunities for us when the media includes stories about caregiving?
Q6: Could caregiving be a reality show?
Q7: What do you think about celebrities who become something like experts/spokespersons about caregiving?
Q8: If you’re a family caregiver, would you share your story with a national news outlet?


Review these highlights:


For more insights, check out the full transcript (special thanks to our friends at The Fox Group for providing this record); click here to review and share it. Get an attendance record and other stats via these #ElderCareChat analytics.

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