Senior Proms Come to Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 17 May 2012

All across the country in the month of May, high school students have been attending the event that has become quite a milestone in the life of an American teen: the prom. Besides the high school seniors though, some assisted living seniors have been attending the prom too…in their own community.

In recent years, the “senior prom” has emerged as a popular spring event for assisted living communities; residents enjoy a night of music, dancing, food, fun and intergenerational interaction, as many activities directors will coordinate the event with the help of volunteer high school or college students. Often, activities directors may even purchase corsages and boutonnieres and ask the students to pin them on each resident as they enter the room.

At Eastwood Assisted Living in Roanoke, Virginia, local college students and members of the Student Nurses Association sponsored a senior prom with a Hollywood theme. Awards were given for the best dances, to the best-dressed, and more. (See photos from the event here.)

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Your turn: Share your prom memories — either as a high school senior or that of an assisted living senior.



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