Taking Care of Dad on Mother’s Day

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 11 May 2012

Leading up to this Mother’s Day weekend, the focus has been on Mom, Grandma, and all the special women in our lives. Though the men will have their day in June, families caring for aging parents, friends and relatives should keep Dad and Grandpa in mind this weekend too, especially if he is the primary caregiver for his spouse, or if she recently moved to assisted living and he stayed behind at home.

Particularly on holidays, couples separated by different care needs are often lonely and wrestle with depression or grief over the loss of their caregiving role. Even if the two moved to assisted living together, there may still be a period of grief or sadness over the change in circumstances, or feelings of guilt over not being able to manage care themselves. The loss of independence is no small thing, and for many, this major life shift provokes serious emotional turmoil. Family members and friends need to be sensitive to this fact and support their loved ones through this period of change instead of rushing them to “just adjust.”

Read more here about the difficulties families encounter when couples have different care needs in later life. And don’t forget to check in with Dad this Mother’s Day!



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