Senior Living Companies Selling Homes?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 08 May 2012

Things don’t always go as planned, and for many retirees, the plan of selling the house and moving into a retirement community fell through completely, just like the bottom of the real estate market.

According to this article from msnbc.com’s The Daily Nightly, some senior living providers are stepping in, doing the work of home staging and selling so the seniors who want to move in to their community can do so more quickly.

The piece is set in Phoenix, Arizona, where Sun Health, the non-profit operator of La Loma Village retirement community, fixed up an area couple’s home and committed to selling it within 90 days. (If the home did not sell at the end of the three months, Sun Health would have purchased it.) It sold in two months, and the pre-arranged agreement was honored: the proceeds from the sale covered the couple’s senior living apartment entrance fee (which, on a national average, costs about $250,000).

What has helped most in moving these homes off the market after months, even years, of no movement whatsoever, is staging. Staging is about clearing the clutter, organizing, and redecorating for broader appeal.

Read more about the importance of staging and other quick sale tips in this piece, Prepping Your Home for Sale: Q & A with Vince Salvitti.

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  1. I live in Ireland and desperately wish to go back home to live in Westchester in an adult community.

    I find it almost impossible to locate any independent adult community town houses from Ireland. Most sites require an New York based telephone number.


    Thank you.


    on 10 May 2012 / 8:35 AM

  2. I’m not sure why you would need a NY-based telephone number? Let me know how I can help.


    on 10 May 2012 / 10:16 AM


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