Activities in Assisted Living: More Than Just “Things to Do”

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 08 May 2012

We all have a morning routine. Maybe it’s reading the paper with a cup of coffee in hand, or a brisk walk with the dogs, or packing lunches for the kids before rushing them out the door to catch the bus. Whether a peaceful or frantic one, a routine gives meaning and structure to our days; we may not know what the day will hold, but we know what to expect in the morning and this is comforting.

What makes a senior living transition (a move to assisted living, a home care aide coming in three days a week, a transfer to an Alzheimer’s care unit) so difficult is often the loss, or change, of routine. It takes time to settle into a new one, time to adjust to the schedule determined by the caregivers or the facility. Meal times may be different, and if there is a need for assistance with bathing, residents may be at the mercy of what staff is available and when, even if they always preferred a morning shower.

Bingo, music therapy, guest speakers, theme parties and movies may be fun things to do, but these activities also serve an important purpose: offering something to look forward to and a structure to the days and weeks.

Activities also offer opportunities for vital social connection. Read more about that topic here.



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