Opportunities for Social Connections in Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 25 April 2012

Of course there is Bingo, there are computer classes and guest lecturers and trips to the art museum, and holiday parties galore in assisted living. Most communities have a full-time activities director tasked with keeping residents busy and happy, and many of them do an excellent job of it, offering residents the traditional favorites and a number of new, creative possibilities too. (The best activities directors continually ask residents and their family members for their input, building a well-rounded calendar based on life histories and previous/current interests.)

However, it is possible for seniors in assisted living to make social connections even if they never step foot in a formally planned activity. Social engagement and interaction is good for the body and soul, and a community setting like assisted living provides plenty of opportunities. Residents can interact with their “neighbors” in the dining room, talk to volunteers who come to visit, or chat with staff members that they see on a regular basis. Technology makes social connections with family and friends near and far a viable option too.

The takeaway? Don’t worry if your loved one doesn’t participate in every activity listed on the monthly calendar. It’s likely that he or she is still making those all-important social connections anyway.



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