New Blog for Sunrise Senior Living Focuses on Food

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 17 April 2012

Sunrise Senior Living, a national senior care provider, recently added a new component to their blog: Senior Eats. Per the inaugural post by Tim Whelan, Sunrise’s VP of Dining Services, residents in assisted living “look forward to really good food and companionship” each day at Sunrise, so the introduction of Senior Eats seemed to appropriately emphasize its value. Recipes from residents and staff, nutrition and wellness tips, food news and research, and other insights will be featured on the site.

Eating meals in the community’s dining venue(s), whether at a Sunrise facility or elsewhere, offers seniors a vital opportunity for engagement, enjoyment, and socialization; likewise, the preparation and delivery of fresh, wholesome, and tasty meals allows providers to make their mark in terms of quality and service.

Prospective residents and their family members considering assisted living or other types of care should have at least one meal in the dining room to get a better sense of what the community is about. Assess the level of service and quality: is the food fresh and served piping hot? how is the presentation? is the silverware clean? Gauge the social atmosphere too: are the staff and residents friendly? are they eating meals in silence, or is there a buzz of conversation among them?



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