Couples: When Is It Time for Senior Living?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 16 April 2012

Move to independent living and leave housework and property maintenance behind. Find assisted living that also has Alzheimer’s care. Hire a home care aide. A senior living decision will look different for everyone and is based on multiple factors, but couples may have a harder time agreeing on the next step.

In many cases, an adult child is the one who suggests a senior housing search: “Mom, I think you and Dad should consider independent living; there is so much to do there,” or “Dad, you’re already exhausted and Mom’s care needs are only going to intensify as her dementia advances.”

Though others may have an opinion about where they should go and when, it is ultimately the couple who must decide what they want. This is not always an easy process.

A recent AARP post citing a Fidelity Investments study says that “62% of married couples disagree on the timing of their respective retirements.” As the article continues, all things considered (financial stability, job satisfaction, age, marital happiness), the where is not as much of an issue as the when. It is the timing that is trickiest, and likely this is the rub among couples deciding about senior living.

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