Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Coming Soon to Your Home?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 13 April 2012

Exciting things are happening in senior living. The shift in demographics, or “age wave” as some have defined it, is prompting care providers and industry professionals to take a fresh look at existing senior housing options. They’re observing the trends, they’re listening to the wants and needs of older Americans, and like any business in the current fiscal climate, they’re taking risks and making changes in order to stay competitive and viable.

Perhaps the most dominant trend is a greater push for aging in place supports; consumers want services at home for the seniors they’re caring for and themselves.

Nursing homes and assisted living communities have and will continue to adjust accordingly, but a venue that has seen dramatic changes, due in part to the financial crisis and battles over regulations, are CCRCs (continuing care retirement communities).

“CCRCs without walls” is an emerging and intriguing new concept highlighted in a recent Wall Street Journal article. Anne Tergesen writes, “Rather than requiring members to purchase a residence on a campus, these programs dispatch services—administered by aides, physical therapists, nurses and care coordinators—to members’ homes as needed. By doing away with the residence requirement, they typically can charge less.” Experts advise providers to tread carefully though. Per the piece, “…at home programs are a significant investment and should be vetted carefully to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks.”

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