Be Prepared: Healthcare Decisions Day 2012

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 13 April 2012

Caring for a senior parent, friend or relative is a process rife with decision-making: Should I quit my job to provide care full-time at home? Would Dad do better in assisted living? Can we bring in home care to help Grandma as her Alzheimer’s advances?

Then there are the small, daily decisions that are equally challenging, like how can I get him to take this pill? or, upon opening a new bill that arrives in the mail, how will we pay for that trip to the ER?

“Your decisions matter” is the theme for this year’s National Healthcare Decisions Day (in Canada, it’s called National Advance Care Planning Day), which takes place Monday, April 16th.  If you’re a caregiver, you probably know all too well that your decisions matter, that the person in your care is affected by the choices you make on their behalf.

Stop for a moment though, and think about your own decision-making. Do you know what kind of healthcare you want at the end of your life? Also, as a caregiver, are you prepared to make end-of-life decisions for your caree?

Few of us want to face the end, but we will. Though we won’t know how or when or where it will happen, face that uncertainty with confidence; be prepared. “We all hope to communicate to the very end. It doesn’t always happen that way.” Those are the stirring words from an informational video on NHDD.org. After your taxes are filed, take time on April 16th to talk about healthcare decisions with the ones you love.



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