Easter and Other Religious Holidays in Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 06 April 2012

This is an important week for people of all faiths, and for those who are in assisted living, there is good news: most communities furnish opportunities for residents to engage in their respective religious celebrations and traditions.

Though some residents have family members and friends that regularly pick them up each week for Saturday mass or other religious services, others must rely on the assisted living community for transportation to local churches. Many communities do provide this service, but depending on how many residents require transportation and to where, the options may be limited.

A number of assisted living homes have a chapel or space dedicated to religious/spiritual activities. The activities director is generally the staff person responsible for bringing in and coordinating volunteers to facilitate communion, last rites, Bible studies, hymn sings, Passover meals, and other spiritual programming/offerings.

Faith-based communities or those affiliated with a church/denomination may even have a full- or part-time staff member (a chaplain, perhaps) tasked with these duties. This individual may also be available to offer spiritual guidance to residents one-on-one and facilitate partnerships with local organizations and churches, ensuring that residents of every faith can maintain the practices that have brought them comfort and peace through the years.

Your turn: How do you celebrate religious holidays with a loved one in assisted living? Do you join them for services there, or bring them to your church/synagogue?



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