Emeritus Senior Living Wants to Know: What’s Your Plan?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 29 March 2012

One of the country’s largest senior living providers, Emeritus, is partnering with Dr. Marion Somers and the 3in4 Need More Association to promote planning ahead for long term care. Says Dr. Marion in a recent Emeritus news release, “Without a plan, it’s a plan to fail.”

Appropriately, the campaign has a plan for getting this important message out: drive to 50 cities (and 25 Emeritus Senior Living communities) throughout the country to “talk with seniors and their caregivers as well as community leaders, local politicians, and industry professionals about the emotional and financial impact of long-term care.”

After a medical emergency or healthcare crisis (stroke, heart attack, etc.), many families end up making decisions about senior care almost overnight, with little to no knowledge of options, costs, advantages, and challenges. A wealth of resources about elder planning are available — both online and in the community — but all too often, the decision is driven by the urgency of the situation families find themselves in.

Though it is impossible to know exactly what will happen in the future as it relates to long-term-care (both on a national and personal level), having some ideas in mind about preferences and options puts you steps ahead, allowing you to think through your decision instead of rushing to a compromised conclusion.

Consult our Elder Care Planning Resource Guide to get started.

Check out TheSeniorCareBlog.com by Emeritus Senior Living, featuring articles, advice, and tips from senior care experts.


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  1. Long term care planning should be done early. It helps families prepare for long term care insurance costs and possible long term care services that their loved ones would need. It also allows them to choose the best setting for their needs


    on 12 July 2012 / 10:02 PM

  2. That’s right! Thanks for your comment. The earlier the better on long term care planning; it allows for more choices when there is a need for care.


    on 13 July 2012 / 9:47 AM


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