Consumer Choice 101: Types of Assisted Living Communities

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 29 March 2012

Though it may be unsettling to think of a place that provides personal care for seniors as a business, that is the reality of assisted living in today’s marketplace. There are pros and cons to this model, but ultimately, a decision about care will come down to what you prefer as a consumer (for example, national chain vs. family-owned) and what you can afford (i.e. what types of payment are accepted and what you qualify for).

As with grocery stores, gas stations and gift shops, assisted living homes may be stand-alone and family-run, part of a large national chain, or part of a local corporation that operates several communities in a regional district. Assisted living communities that are part of a large chain or managed by a senior living company can still have a cozy atmosphere and family-run feel, and an independently owned and operated assisted living may feel distant and impersonal. Much of this depends on the staff in the building and the approach of the management team.

When searching for assisted living, consider different types of communities to make a well-informed decision. A home that is part of a chain may offer certain benefits that a stand-alone operation cannot.



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